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# Authentication

In order to use the SMS Gateway API you will need to authenticate. We use basic authentication. You will be required to send the basic authentication headers with every request that you make to the API server

Sample HTTP Basic Authentication header

You will need to include a email and password with every request you make to the SMS Gateway API.

Request Parameters
Parameter Required Description
email YES Your username for the site
password YES Your password for the site

Authentication using the PHP Library

Alternatively if you are using our PHP Library you can easily authenticate with a single line of code. Authentication with the library is done upon creating the SmsGateway object.

  • <?php
  • include "smsGateway.php";
  • $smsGateway = new SmsGateway('', 'password');
  • //Requests to api server after authentication
  • ?>

Failed Authentication

Failed Response
Status Code: 401 Unauthorized
Content Type: text/html
Output: Invalid credentials.